The days that confused/Päevad, mis ajasid segadusse

Director –  Triin Ruumet
Main Cast – Hendrik Toompere Jr, Juhan Ulfsak, Jaanika Arum etc
Cinematographer – Sten-Johan Lill
Art Director – Matis Mäesalu
Costume Designer – Liis Plato
Makeup artist – Liisi Roht, Nele Pandis
Editor – Hendrik Mägar
Composers – Hendrik Kaljujärv and Karl Saks
Sound Designer – Matis Rei
Producer – Maie Rosmann-Lill
Production Company – Kinosaurus Film

Synopsis: Wind is blasting through your speeding car but the heat still burns your lips. The radio is pounding local pop hits from the 90s. Vodka gets poured down as if to quench a thirst. You let your head fall back and stare at the sky from under your cap, thinking: what the hell should I do with this life? And suddenly, the lyrics hit you – yes, you really need those loving arms around you. Triin Ruumet’s tragicomedy Days that Confused is a story of a young man trying to make sense of life in the summer heat of late nineties Estonia. The 27-year-old protagonist Allar moves from one provincial party to another, meeting colourful characters and finding himself in evermore confusing circumstances. The amounting tension and absurdity of surrounding events lead Allar to give serious thought to his life. What follows, is a frantic journey through midsummer Estonia to finally discover meaning in oneself.